There is a lot we could say about Lent, I often say it's a journey of discovery by addition, subtraction and introspection. This also happens to be the subtitle of my Lent book. It's also important to know, if you're new to this Lent deal, that it's a journey that prepares our hearts and minds, our entire lives really for the feast of the resurrection, for Easter Sunday! We all know about Easter, well one of the central bits of Lent is that it gets you ready for Easter.

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I also wrote a blog for The Youth Cartel entitled "The Gift of Lent" that might be helpful. 

And finally, here's a video I recorded to give you a little intro to Lent and the Lent book that this website accompanies. 

Grace and peace! 
And may this be the beginning of a journey into a Holy Lent!