James K.A. Smith wrote a book entitled You Are What You Love and puts in a tangible package some of the deep things many other authors and saints have explored. One of these guys is Saint Thomas Aquinas who said that virtues are settled disposition or habits. Essentially, our Christ-likeness (virtue) comes about by the grace of God and the formation of our heart by the holy habits we form. We need holy habits to rightly order our thoughts and desires into the way of Jesus. My hope is that this week we will move us all in that direction as we examine our hearts and our desires, as we "lay our longings open before the Lord" and seek his grace to be made new. 

Here are a few videos of James K.A. Smith talking about his book You Are What You LoveI hope they are helpful to you this week. 

I have read this book and also have heard him present some of this material. I have my critques of it for sure but I think overall the content is really great and provides some helpful tools to think about our desires, our worship, and our cultural engagement. Check it out, you'll enjoy it!