Today i’m encouraging you to go on a prayer walk. As you read in your devotion guide, center yourself in the love of God and as you walk photograph evidence of God’s presence at work in the world with your phone or camera.

More ideas; 
—Write a Psalm down on a note card and as you want pray that Psalm. 
—Play a version of the Bible on your iPod as you walk. I would recommend the Psalm or maybe Genesis 1
—Write down a list of people, things and situations that need prayer. Go down the list as you walk. 
—At some point stop under a tree, talk a picture, open your eyes and heart to God’s presence.


Here is a picture that I took with my phone that made me aware of God’s grace and beauty. The beauty of this landscape makes is nearly impossible for me to miss God’s creative presence. You might not find a photo quite this brilliant ;-)  but my guess is you can find a shot of God’s creative presence somewhere close.

Today we are being AWARE of God’s creative presence, even in the midst of our desert, our Lenten journey. The video below is by Louie Giglio, it's pretty awesome and goes along with his book Indescribable. If you can get ahold of the hard cover coffee table edition of this book it has some amazing pictures of God's creation. But check this video out, hopefully in inspires you and reminds you that God is everywhere, we just have to open our eyes and be AWARE! 

(the first video is a short clip, the second video on the right is a full length message by Louie. Enjoy! )