There are so many good resources out there. Maybe you have a good one you want to share. Tweet it out, #LentJourney

I want to share a couple devotional resources I have used with you today. 
The 1st is The Upper Room Daily Reflection. It’s a pretty simple daily reflection and bible resource that you can sign up to receive via email. It’s great and often times they post some really great reflections, which is why i read it. 
LIKE the reflection they posted on Sunday entitle Experiencing Desert, really good! Check it out and be encouraged on your Lenten journey.

The second Lenten devotional resource for today can be found on YouVersion. This is a Bible app on your phone and computer but hey often have great devotional plans as well. Here is a link to a list of Lent devotional plans they have. One of these plan is by N.T. Wright, it's entitled Lent For Everyonedefinitely worth checking out. And incase you didn't know, NT Wright is a world class biblical scholar and an all around awesome fella, one of my favorites! All these are plans so you can sign up and then do the daily reading. Here is the another plan I ran across that looks cool but there are plenty of others, just look around. YouVersion LENT Plan

And to cap of the day I thought I would share this image that I ran across awhile back.

CRM, the ministry that posted this has done quality Lent devotionals in the past but unfortunately they don't keep their content up on their site. Check them out, you never know when they are gonna have great stuff up on their site.