One thing that is helpful for me on my lenten journey is music, and there is some great Lenten music out there.
I have 2 GREAT Lenten albums for you to listen to today! 

The first is my favorite. It’s  on repeat every Lent!
I purchased it on iTunes.
The album is simply entitle LENT and it’s by the group The Brilliance

Here is their song Now and at the Hour, and I post a video to their song DUST WE ARE back on Day #2.
The whole album is amazing! I'm not sure why it's not on Spotify but some of their other stuff is.  It’s really good!


My other recommendation is by New York Hymns and the album is entitle Songs for Lent. The good news about this album is that you can get it for free on Noise Trade!

You can also listen to it right here! Check it out…


Enjoy your Lent listening!