Here are a few links that might be helpful and interesting... 


The Days of Holy Week | The Paschal Triduum

I’ve also posted prayers for Holy Week, Lenten music and other reflection over on my blog in the past, check that out! 

And come back tomorrow as well. I will have a couple Good Friday posts. Even though there is no icon in the book. 

And her are a couple interesting and entertaining videos to watch. 
(PS: If you like these guys they have more goods where that came from, check em' out!) 

Here is a great video that might stir some Holy Week inspiration as we move into the shadows, through the darkness of the cross and in the silence of Saturday. 

But remember, Sunday is coming. 

And incase you haven’t seen this interview with Bono, check it out. It’s really great, especially if you’re a U2 fan. Here is the part where he talks about Jesus, but the whole interview is awesome, I couldn't find the link but maybe you can!
Here is one more of our friend Bono... Interview and U2