To live is to love. To love is to lose. But to lose is to live. If we lose one part of our life, we become open to another part. If we love having young children at home, when they grow up and leave home the empty space created by their leaving opens the door to love something else — like the freedom to travel or to visit with adults without interruption. When something disappears, it opens the space for something else.

Loss opens new space with regard to faith as well. When the way we understood God as a child no longer helps us navigate the swirling waters of adult life, we sometimes give up faith all together. For those who continue to immerse themselves in the stories and rituals of faith, new insights into the character of the Divine can emerge.

—From Lose, Love, Live by Dan Moseley


I wanted to find a thought provoking video the centered on the cross. I couldn’t find much that wasn’t  a) cheesy or b) that didn’t just show a lot of clips from The Passion of the Christ with Hillsong music overtop of it. 

I found this little intro video from a church that was kinda cool and hopefully thought provoking.  

If you have any videos that are thought provoking on the Cross of Christ I'd love to see it!
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ALSO, here is Bishop Robert Barron talking about the cross and Isis.
This is a pretty amazing word, check it out!