PSALM 27:1-14 (14)
Wait for the Lord,
strong and take heart  and
wait for the Lord.


I have decided to post another little experiment. It’s something I will be challenging our students to do during this weekend’s services.  ( We’ll see if any of them are reading this Web Guide and have a head start on it! ) 

The experiment is to keep your eyes open for opportunities to wait. That’s right, opportunities!

Usually when we are in the line at the store, stuck in traffic, waiting for our video games to load or TV show to start, we get impatient and probably check our phones, text our friends or just get upset that we are having to wait. 

If you are tracking along in the Advent book, you know that our waiting is a Grace, a free gift that God is giving us so that we can pray and prepare for whatever He will be sending our way—namely Himself. 

So find those moments of waiting and take advantage of them with prayer, patience and preparation of your heart and mind for the coming of Christ. 

Make a little list of all the opportunities you have been given to wait and share them with a friend, with your family, with your community or whoever you are reading the Advent book with.

If you Instagram or Facebook, at the end of the day share a few of the opportunities you were able to take advantage of. Use the hashtag #AdventJourney to share it with others who are on this Advent journey with you. 

Good luck and let the waiting begin!